I’m Hannah, a lover of tea & a self proclaimed tea nerd with a special place in my heart for quality artisan loose leaf tea. I want to share all the amazing things I learn about when studying tea & tell you all about the things I try that are tea related.

The purpose of this blog is to share my passion & educate on the wonders of tea. I also do talks about tea for local groups.

One of my first talks was for Plymouth Women Institute group where they were kind enough to give some lovely feedback –

“Hannah’s enthusiasm for tea is infectious”

“One of the best speakers we have had”

“Hannah’s knowledge and passion for tea is inspiring. We learned so much from her presentation and she involved us in smelling and tasting various teas. We realise how fascinating the history and the drinking of tea is.”

I hope you have fun reading my blog as well as learn something as well & please feel free to comment or ask questions!