Tg Green Tea Cold Tea Perfect For Summer

The weather is getting warmer and whilst I still love the comfort of a cup of hot tea, there is something increasingly attractive to reaching for an ice cold drink.

I was lucky enough recently to be sent a parcel from Tg Green with some of their pyramid bags and some of their bottle cold teas. Last summer I was quite obsessed with bottled cold teas and bought anyone that I could find in a supermarket. The range was interesting… some were really nice and actually had a fair amount of tea in it. And then some were less than nice, very sweet, very filmy on your teeth and had only 0.0001% of tea extract in it. That annoyed me as how can you call something ‘peach and green tea’ when there is 30% more apple juice than there is actual tea?!



Anyway on to Tg Green drinks. I really enjoyed the hot green tea, no bitterness or fishiness, just refreshing and tasted real. The cold bottled teas come in three flavours – Green Tea with Ginseng (green bottle), Green Tea with Jujube and Ginseng (pink bottle) and Green Tea with Mandarin and Ginseng (yellow bottle). They are in colourful bottles, really attractive and eye-catching compared to other bottled teas, its just brown water with very boring labels.  They all have completely green traffic lights on the nutrition charts with significantly less sugar than other bottled teas and even coconut water.

Trying the green bottle first, its a very refreshing drink. It’s not as overly sweet or tacky on the tongue. I think because of the other bottled teas I’ve tried, I was expecting it to be a full on instant hit in the mouth but it’s not. It’s like how tea should taste, not over powering but very tasty. There is a slow build of flavour the more your drink. It’s like a mild green tea but with a little kick, I haven’t had ginseng many times before to really understand the flavour but its definitely something different. From research some say that ginseng tastes like mouthwash, I wouldn’t say that but its a really interesting note when drinking the tea.

All of them have an orangey colour, each slightly different for their blends. They are a little cloudy but to me I think thats a good sign, its like cloudy lemonade or apple juice where you know it’s better quality than the really clear stuff that is overly processed. But that’s just me.   DSCF1997

The pink bottle is very pretty and the tea is just as good. Again I hadn’t had jujube before, but its definitely something I’d like to try before. Its almost like cranberries and raspberries, sweet but with a slight drying tang. Its fruity but a little floral and really compliments the tea, adding a very nice element. I haven’t tried anything like this combination before.


Now the green tea with mandarin and ginseng is my favourite. Its fruity, citrusy and very very moreish. It like a super exotic orange squash which I know doesn’t sound great but its more like that than a juice by which I mean that it’s more refreshing than sickly. Juice I can only have a small glass but this I could drink all day. This blend reminds me of Earl Grey, a tea with a citrus twist but this is lighter with the green tea.


Overall I seriously love these blends, they are so different to anything I’ve tried before but really delicious.  Because it’s a relatively healthy drink, you don’t feel bad drinking it and it’s been recommended by nutrianists and dieticians to keep hydrated. I like the bright colourful packaging, it makes it attractive which compared to the other drinks to choose from in shops, they stand out.

Whether you prefer cold drinks or hot tea, Tg Green Teas have something for you. They are passionate about about quality teas with no additives, preservatives or colours. They are very tasty teas & I really need to get myself some more.



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