T-Ology Black Forest Earl Grey

I am so sorry for not having posted for the past few weeks. I’ve just been quite overwhelmed with my work and my Masters has been bit more of a toll on m expected with assignments. I feel awful for not being able to post but I want to produce quality content and if I haven’t had the time, I’ve just panicked and worried that anything I did would be nowhere near what I would want to do. But its ended up the I haven’t produced anything which if anything is worse. However I’m over the worst of it so I am back and really want to produce regular content.


My last video and blog post was on the T-Ology tea subscriptions and the one I was most intrigued by was the Black Forest Earl Grey. I am a huge fan of Earl Grey and I seriously love cherries so this sounded amazing.

DSCF1973 The T-Ology packaging is so beautiful, black almost matte pouches with simple but striking white label. It has the important stuff like ingredients, brewing temperature, brewing time but what I really think is a clever tip is a lightbulb image recommending something to add to the tea. This one is to drink the Black Forest Earl Grey with high quality dark chocolate for an optimum flavour. Also what I think is a brilliant idea of T-Ology is that they give you enough tea to drink over the month rather than many subscription services where you get one to two drinks worth of tea.

The dried leaves are short but consistent sized almost black,  a very very dark brown, rich coloured speckled with yellow and blue from the rose buds and jasmine flowers. Not in every time I’ve poured but frequently there are cherries mixed with the leaves so you know that the tea isn’t just flavoured with artificial cherry flavour. It has an amazing smell of real cherries & earl grey, neither too overpowering but a perfect pairing.


I brewed 100 degree water for two minutes and have found its the right temperature and strength for me. The wet leaves have lightened in colour to a chocolate brown, the smell has lightened too, but both the cherry and bergamot are still there. I’ve found with some teas when they are artificially flavoured that the wet leaves end up smelling of nothing but these still smell delicious.


The liquor is a bright orange golden colour, bright and clear. It smells lightly of cherries, delicate and floral. Its taste is so delicious. Its not overpowering or fake tasting like other cherry flavoured teas that I’ve tried before. You get a first hit of cherry in your mouth, then leaving an aftertaste on the tip of your tongue with mild bergamot notes.  Its really moreish and I’ve really enjoyed it in the afternoon for the sweet kick that you get from drinking it. I know I say this about lots of teas but I really like teas where they are naturally sweet or have a sweetness to them so that they mean I don’t crave a biscuit or something similar in the afternoon. I find with artificially flavoured teas, I crave something savoury to counteract the super sickly sweetness but this tea is delicious.



I really enjoyed this blend and think it would be a great introductory blend to those who are trying to get into quality loose leaf tea. Its a fragrant and well balanced tea between the bergamot and cherry. The brightness of the liquor is enticing and its definitely moreish when you start drinking it. I’d really like to try cooking with this tea, in cake or even cocktails (because I want to put all teas in cocktails). I don’t actually have any high quality dark cocoa in the house at the moment so can’t try it with the tea but when I have I will give an update on it. I’d really really recommend this blend and also T-Ology. I can’t wait to share the other blends with you!

Sorry again for the absence but I am back and will not let it happen again!


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