Have You Tried Tg Green?

I was very lucky recently to have been sent some teas from the lovely ladies at Tg Green Tea, a selection of green teabags and bottled cold tea. Now I know I mostly focus on loose leaf on this blog but I am happy to talk about good pyramid bags, especially when the company is so passionate.

Tg Green sells both hot and cold green teas that are made from organic and ethically grown tea in China. Picked during spring season in the Dao Ren Peak area of Eastern China the tea is blended with fruits and botanicals that are new to the UK (I haven’t heard of jujube before, but I’m very keen to try it). The cold tea is real brewed and bottled in the UK with a third of the sugar as most iced teas, it actually has all green on the nutrition bar so actually a health option if your looking for an iced tea.

DSCF0984Because I’ve been sent 3 pouches of pyramid bags & three cold drinks I am splitting my blog posts and videos into a few parts so it’s not too long. So the first one I’ve looked at is their standard green tea pyramid bags as it’s a blend I prefer in the spring so starting to look for some new ones.

The bags are a decent size but don’t look over filled and the leaves look whole with a wonderful aroma of grass, hay and a little bit of nut. I boiled my kettle to 90 then let it cool a bit longer before pouring on the tea for 3 minutes. the leaves in the bag haven’t expanded to the whole bag so they have had space to move and unfurl to decent sized leaves.


The colour is a bright, glowing yellow like a rich summer sun. It smells fresh like a proper green tea, there is a hint of spinach and fresh sea air without being fishy. The flavour is delicious, it is a light but flavoured green tea without any bitterness. It has some notes of spinach and almost marine elements but it’s not as far as a sencha but does have a sweetness to it, its a moreish, really really nice. It’s got lovely layers to the flavour and its by far the best green tea teabag I’ve had.


Check out my recent video on it!

I love the ethos behind Tg Green Tea and really would recommend visit their about page to find out about their story. I can’t wait to try the other blends and especially the cold teas! Come back soon to find out what they were like!




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