Snow Dragon Stirs for Spring

On my mothers recent trip to London, I requested a few new teas from Fortnum and Masons. I didn’t mind what she got, so it was a bit of a Russian roulette but I was excited to see what she picked. One of them was ‘Snow Dragon’.

dscf1035The card said that this is between a green tea and silver needle. Now I do love a silver needle so was very keen to try this one. Coming from Yunnan Province in China, the leaves are picked during the last frost at the start of spring, then seared in a wok and dried.

The dried leaves are long twisted downy leaves almost like small snake like dragons getting awaking from a deep sleep. The colours range from a grey white to a dark woody brown. The smell is a deep but fresh woody  rather than a grassy scent. Like recently fallen leaves, dried in the sunshine, there’s not a smell of damp leaves but the warmth of a spring sun after the a few days of frost. It has a hint of something sweet, like vanilla. It’s pleasant.

dscf1019Instructions say to brew 90 degree water for 3 minutes, I think my water may have been a little under as I didn’t pour from the kettle straight away. The leaves have unfurled to a bright but pale green colour, with hints of grey tone. Its a beautiful shade, it looks rich & full of a light flavour. looking at the leaves, most are whole leaves, not chopped down at all. I found one that was two leaves from one stem. They smell of green tea, almost like a Sencha scent, a hint of cooked spinach but its fresh not claggy. I disagree with the description on the card that its ‘mellow’. It’s a lovely but all encompassing. It has a beautiful wild flower scent, some kind of flower, I’m not sure what it its.


The liquor is a very pale golden hue, with an almost very very tiny hint of blush pink. Its clear with an almost glow, like a spring sunshine. It has an almost biscuit first scent, like digestive biscuits with a hint of vanillas going into a green fresh salad scent. The flavour is similar. There is a hint of almost Sencha with the mariney green notes but on the tip of your tongue with the sweetness, like from a honeysuckle. It’s not sickly sweet but a beautiful round flavour that coats your tongue. Its not sour or bitter with an astringent green tea. Its not an overpowering flavour but its definitely a new favourite!


I really do like this tea a lot! It’s a shame I only have a small amount of it so I’ll have to ration it until I’m able to get some more. But this is a beautiful blend perfect for this time of year, bringing hints of flowers & wonderful sunny mornings.

I did a Facebook Live, trying the tea for the first time. You can catch the Facebook video here or find it on my Youtube channel here.






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