Mini Tea Haul

My recent video was about a mini haul of tea related things I have recently bought or (mostly) been given by a few lovely people lately. So here is a closer look at the items though I will do in-depth tastings on each of the teas in the next week or two.

I was given this tea by a guy on my course who was given the tea as well. Tim said he had been told its a dark tea. Its says oolong so I think it will be a darker one. I really like the smart simple caddy and the gold bronze colour makes it feel quite luxurious.
 I then was also give another Chinese tea, in a smaller box. Again its doesn’t say what is in it but I was told that it was a black tea. Looking forward to trying both of those
Last time we were back in Dorset my mother-in-law (to be) gave me a wonderful tea spoon set, in its very own display box. I have growing collection of vintage and antique style spoons, these are modern but oh so pretty!
Whilst Josh and I were in John Lewis looking for dining sets now we’re getting married, being grown ups and need to have all matching sets. We saw this Royal Doulton set and we both loved it so whilst we weren’t going to buy the whole set that day, I had to buy something. I loved the paint splashed mug, a pretty pattern and it wasn’t too thick, I decided this was the one. I’ve been loving using it, its large enough to have to have a decent amount of tea without it being too big.
My mum recently went to London and I did ask her to go past Fortnum and Masons to pick me up a few more teas. I asked for definitely to pick up some more Ceylon for me but otherwise I didn’t mind what she got me. So it was a bit of a Russian roulette. I won’t go into detail on each of them as I’ve already talked about the Fortnums Ceylon but will do full blog posts on the other two.
 Here is my blog post on this delightful blend with lots more pictures & tastings.
Fortnums and Mason Keemun Maofeng – There is no link for this blend on their website so I guess it must be a guest blend that they only sell in store.
 This blend is half way between a silver needle & a green tea so I’m excited to see what this is like.
Now this is something I have had my eye on for quite a while. The Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne. Such a beautiful fresh scent. Its wonderful & one day I will buy it for myself. I know lots of proper professional bloggers received Jo Malone gift sets and it would amazing to get even the smallest thing from JM (or anyone for that matter) with a note saying ‘because it’s your cup of tea’.  But in the mean time I will have to settle with little scent cards. dscf0962
I hope you enjoy my little collection of new goodies. I will be doing full posts on each of the blends so do come back soon for updates on those.
Keep sipping the good stuff!

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