Source Food & Drink Trade Show

Last week Josh and I went to the Source Trade Show. I used to exhibit at the show so it was a bit sad I wasn’t working but we decided to go because it’s great to see the range of products that is available.

I did a little video of the visit along with discussing the bits that I was given and the people we met and thought I’d share on here a few bits we picked up.

Hoogly Tea

Hoogly – Around The Fire

Hoogly Tea is a Brighton based tea company launched in April 2016. Tina, who launched the company is Danish & enjoyed the Danish way of life ‘Hygge’. Hoogly is the phonetic pronunciation of the adjective Hygge which links experience of warmth, comfort & wellbeing with drinking their teas.

I was very interested in their ‘Around The Fire’ blend as its  oolong, lapsang blend with cinnamon, orange peel and chilli seeds. Sounds very warming! They had just run out of their sample bags so very kindly gave me a whole box! Very much looking forward to that, especially as the evenings are still a bit cold.



We also met a stand called ChariTea and LemonAid. I saw ‘tea’ & immediately asked what the company did. Turns out ChariTea is real brewed fair-trade organic cold tea with a massive social impact story helping the growers  producers through charitable initiatives in the local communities.

I tried all four of the drinks & really liked them. But what I was really impressed with was that there is actually a high percentage of tea in the drinks where as most supermarket brands of cold teas are usually less than 10 % as well as these ones being sweetened with agave and honey rather than lots of sugar.

Very keen to try these bottles and do a full blog post on them.


Curio Spirits

So there’s no denying that I do love finding spirits (especially gin) that has tea in it so to find that with Curio Spirits, I was very excited. They have a gin that has chai spices and Assam in it. I was given a small sample with ginger beer and it was delicious. We didn’t get to speak to the guy for that long so I’m keen to find out a bit more about the company as their based in Cornwall so not too far and their branding was so lovely.



Other stands we saw and spoke to included


Tea India

Cornish Tea

Dorset Tea

Henny & Joe Chai


I won’t be doing individual posts on everything we saw but will for Hoogly and ChariTea when I have tried them all properly. But I really would recommend going to the Source Trade Show, there are so many great brands many of whom are small startups championing local products, methods and tastes.

Hope you enjoy the video & come back soon for an update on the bits I’ve tried!



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