Making Tea Cocktails For New Years Eve!

Latest video of Youtube is a New Years Eve Themed Tea Cocktail making session! Whilst I’m not going out this evening, I thought it would be fun to have some cocktails to make whilst I relax on the sofa watching old films.
I had a couple tea cocktails on my pinterest board and picked three that looked relatively easy but also festive enough. I picked Earl Grey Infused Gin, Green Tea Peach Bellini and a Chai Tea Cocktail. Partly due to sourcing the ingredients & partly because I never seem to be able to follow cooking instructions, I have deviated from the recipes slightly.
New Years Eve Tea Cocktails
Earl Grey Infused Gin

So I pre-prepared the simple syrup (water & sugar) and the gin which was surprisingly easy by just putting 50ml of gin in a cup with a heap teaspoon of tea, covering for about 2 hours then straining. On tasting I think I’d made it strong by both infusion time and quantity so I add a bit of extra gin to dilute it slightly. Then it was just a matter of mixing the gin (8oz), syrup (4oz), lemon juice(4oz) with a few ice cubes in a mixer, shaking before pouring into a tall glass. I then topped with soda water & then garnished with a few rose buds.

Earl Grey Infused Gin
Green Tea Peach Bellini
Though this recipe says to use white peaches, I couldn’t actually find any in the several supermarkets that I went to so decided to use normal peaches. Also I didn’t have a muddler so just pulped 1 peach putting then 4 heaped teaspoons of the pulp into a mixer with ice, then adding gin (4oz), prosecco (8oz), green tea (8oz and I’d recommend letting it get cold before using) straining into a glass then topping up with cloudy lemonade. Then I garnished the glass with a slice of peach.
Green Tea Peach Bellini
To get the proper & far better looking recipe, see the original
Chai Tea Cocktail
I prepared the tea & milk by boiling 1 and half cups of sweetened almond milk with a little added vanilla extract in a saucepan before adding 2 teaspoons of chai tea whilst it was on the boil for 2 minutes before straining. I let it cool a little in a jug before doing the filming.  I poured about 3oz of bourbon whiskey in a glass (but after trying I would recommend probably about 2oz as my glass was a bit small so the proportions weren’t right) then topped up with the chai milk. I then grated a bit of nutmeg over the glass & put half a cinnamon stick in to the drink.
Warm Chai Cocktail
For the original recipe see here
Whilst I know I am not a cocktail maker and if I would have had enough time before filming I would have practised a bit but I have to say I am quite pleased with the drinks I made. I little practise and adjusting measurements here and there and I have a few drinks that I will definitely be making again! Has anyone else made tea cocktails before? Any to recommend?
I hope everyone has had a great Christmas holiday and a fabulous New Years Eve! I’m looking forward to all the things that will happen in the 2017 and can’t wait to do lots more tea related things to share with you!

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