My Tea Favourites for 2016

So as often a tradition for everyone, the end of the year offers a chance to review experiences, products and celebrating favourites. I did a video of a few of my favourite tea bits through out the year but I thought I’d do a post talking about them a bit further.



MD Teas Pink Pride

I tried the MD Tea Pink Pride earlier in the year and it was an instant love! It’s a pretty, wonderfully fragranced and an overall delight. I’ve done a blog post already about it (here), and looking back at it, I really want to drink it again even though its more of a spring/summer flavour. I’m getting married this coming August and would love to do something like this blends as our favours as we’re having a bit of a pink and green theme.

Fortnum & Mason Ceylon

Now after trying a proper ceylon at the Tea Sommelier Course, I had to go and get some of my own. It was something completely different from what I’d had before and absolutely delicious, I love the caramel brown sugar notes, with a bit of bitter note at the tip of your tongue which one made it more interesting. I’ve done my blog post on it (here) but I’m keen to try more ceylon blends and look at the different regions that produce tea and how they are different in taste.


So though I had to pick one of my favourites, I have two that I have sparked something over this winter. I have developed a real love for lapsang. Now I’m not a smoker but I do like smokey flavours – open wood fires, smoked salmon, s’mores and such so its no surprise that I like this blend. I’ve tried it once before in teabags but I remember not liking it so much but since trying Bohea Teas & Postcard Teas blends, I’m abolsulty loving this blend! I’ve done blog posts on both which you can read (Bohea & Postcard)

 UK Tea Academy Tea Sommelier Course

So over the summer I went to the UK Tea Academy Tea Sommelier Course, it was incredible & I learnt so much! I still need to take my exam so lots of revision still to do but I’m hoping to do it around Easter time so I can be a qualified Tea Sommelier!

Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties Book

So at the aforementioned tea course, one of the books we were recommended was Tea: History, Terriors, Varieties and I’m so glad I bought it. It has so much information, loads of pictures and is such a beautiful cover really showing the variety to tea. I have serval tea books but this is my favourite so far and I’d really recommend it to anyone.


I have recently got a new camera so I have gone in and out of focus a few times, but I think the visual quality is better than filming on my phone. So please just hang in there while I work out the best place to film and how to keep things looking good the whole way through. I promise things will get better!

I hope you enjoy the video and I’d love to know what tea related things everyone else has been loving this year! Hope everyone has had a great christmas and a brilliant new year!



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