Five Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea

So I love tea. Did you know that? I love tea a lot a lot. Now while I don’t need an excuse to drink it, I thought what better than to share a few reasons that might make you interested in drinking the beverage too.

Tea Picker (Photo from

REASON ONE – It’s been here for a while ! Tea was discovered in China circa 2737BC by Emperor Shen Nung. A beverage that has been found to be the second most popular drink after water globally (Tea Association of USA)with something in the region of 165 million cups drunk in Britain daily. It is drunk all around the world with different cultures adopting different habits for the drink. World Tea News has a great article about the 10 top tea traditions around the world, which proves the longevity and also adaptability of the drink. For something that’s been around for almost 5000 years should be proof that its something worthwhile.

Matcha Tea

REASON TWO – It is actually good for you! When it was first discovered Shen Nung, who was a herbalist advocated the health benefits of the leaves saying it eased sleepiness and renewed ones spirit. They also drunk it to help with digestions and could even apply it to skin aliments. But when you drink it, there are the numerous benefits but when you compare it with what else we have available, it doesn’t have chemicals, additives or anything thats not good for you in it – its just leaves and water. Whilst many people think that its just green tea that is good for but in fact all teas are good for you. There is a a fair amount of research on the health benefits of tea though Boots WebMD does suggest that a lot more is needed to give completely definitive conclusions. However adding lots of milk and sugar does counteract the benefits so only add them on occasion. Its much better to drink quality loose leafs where you don’t need milk or sugar.

REASON THREE- There’s something for everyone! Whilst the common assumption is that ‘tea’ is one type of flavour mainly being something along the lines of high street basic teabags. However that is not actually the case. There are several thousands of different types of teas which means there are an amazing different variety of flavours. Black teas are different to greens & within each of those types there are difference from the area of growth, means of processes & time if if year picking.

T2 Tea Menu – A Wonderful Range of Different Flavours
REASON FOUR –  Afternoon Tea? As if I needed an excuse to have a piece of cake, but there is no better pairing than a nice pot of tea and a warm fresh slice of cake. Or a scone with jam and cream. Or shortbread. Or even a nice homemade sandwich. But you get the picture! Afternoon tea, high tea, cream teas and any other combination are the perfect means to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner.
Postcard Teas
REASON FIVE -It tastes nice! Now though I’ve only mentioned a few reasons, the one that is above them all, I feel, is that it actually tastes nice and what better reason to drink it than that?! It’s comforting and people have a million and one emotional connections to drinking tea but feedback from a quick ask on twitter I did was the majority reason that ‘it’s just nice to drink’. Going from drinking substandard teabags to actual quality loose leaf tea, definitely improves the flavour but also improves my appreciation of the growers and everyone involved in the various stages of processing. I now love to find out where the tea comes from and being able to connect a story together from the leaf on the bush to the liquor in my cup.
I Just LOVE tea! 
So I’ve mentioned a few reasons, that I think are the most popular but I know there are plenty more reasons that we could explore. I’d love to know what are your reasons for drinking tea and what are you favourite teas at the moment?

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