A Post Card From Postcard Teas Lapsang!

I know I only recently did a blog post on Lapsang but this is one I’ve had since my summer trip to London that I have been desperate to talk about. Since doing the Bohea Tea reviews, I thought that now I should talk about this blend.
I didn’t know what I wanted when I visited into Postcard Teas but I realised I hadn’t ever had a nice lapsang, only ever teabags, so thought I’d buy a tin since they were too amazing to resist.
I love that this caddy has so much information, there is actually the ability to trace the tea to its origins & not just end at the box. This tea comes from a 5 acre farm where many of the plants are over 200 years old. Grown from seed (which allows for slight variety from growth but ensures stronger new plants) that originate from the original Lapsang Souchong blend. High quality spring picked leaves are smoked over fresh pine tree wood in a traditional wood constructed two story house producing less than 50 kilos a year. This tea is a real authentic blend where skill and history is used to make the tea.
Twisted Black Snakes


The leaves are like little twisted black snakes. There are different sizes of the leaves but I thinks that due to the longer leaves getting crushed in the pouch as I get them in & out of the caddy. The leaves are a consistent colour of dark brown almost black with some little light brown tips. The smell is smokey but very sweet, almost like a Ceylon. The smokey scent is bright, not musky like old smokey wood but like when you walk into a room the morning after the fire place has been used.
Sweet But Smokey Leaves
The leaves have unfurled to longer leaves now, still twisting like little snakes but lightened from lack to a dark brown. Still the scent is smokey but sweet, like burnt marshmallows on a fire. There isn’t a scent of bitterness or astringency. It smells inviting & warm
img_5197The liquor is a bright orange, glowing like the embers of a fire. I infused for 2 & 1/2 minutes and there is not bitterness, its wonderfully sweet and rich. The tea coats your tongue with a wonderful mouth feel, like eating s’mores. The taste goes from the tip of your tongue to the back of your mouth building each time you take a sip. Saying something tastes smokey does sound ominous but its not burnt, or ashy or of smoke like tobacco, its like perfectly grilled or barbecued food. But the smoked part does overpower the tea itself, there is a lovely rich flavour of black tea.
Again I’m so delighted with this flavour, its perfect for autumn & winter, smokey but sweet that warms you inside out.
It reminds me of when I got into my parents lounge in the morning after they’ve had a large fire the evening before to pick up an orange from the citrus fruit bowl by the Christmas tree. There’s a comforting warmth to this tea.  The smell is still there, its still warm though the bring amber flames are no longer there. I have been drinking this tea for about three weeks straight now and it is such a delight, brilliant in the morning and soothing in the evening. Definitely one I recommend to try!

2 thoughts on “A Post Card From Postcard Teas Lapsang!

  1. So happy to find another Tea loving blogger! Loved reading this post and I can’t wait to read more of your blog in the future 😊 -www.teaisawishyourheartmakes.wordpress.com 💖


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