How Tea Can Capture A City With T2 New York Breakfast

So my sister went to America over the summer & she brought me back a very special present in the form of T2s New York Breakfast. Now I havent tried anything from T2 before so was very excited to try it! But as it was the summer it didn’t feel the right season just yet. I have been to New York before about 7 years ago over Thanksgiving so now feels a right time to be trying this tea. Despite it being years ago I do still remember the pancakes with bacon & maple syrup that Josh & I had. The city was amazing, full of life, flavours & experiences. I love that they made a tea to embody the essence of it.

My lovely present from my sister (Teacup not included)

So not only did my sister bring back a box of tea, she brought me a bag that seemed barely squished from transit, a brew card & a T2 Life leaflet with information about the company, the teas they do & individual brewing techniques for each tea. I was a very happy Hannah!
The box is a small orange one, that is T2s signature look with a yellow sticker for the blend. In the box the tea comes in a heat sealed plastic packet, so I’ll have to find something else to keep it in to keep the leaves fresh.

New York Breakfast
New York Breakfast

The tea is describe as a full bodied black tea infused with cinnamon & vanilla. It sounds sweet & just like a New York Breakfast. Just opening the box with the packet still sealed & you can smell the heady sweetness from the vanilla with the spices emerging too.

Tight black leaves

The dried leaves are long thin black twisted with very small pieces of what I think are cinnamon mixed with it. It smells of sweet vanilla & almost nutmeg.There isn’t really a smell of black tea leaves but its not quite sickly sweet so its still pleasant.

I infuse with slightly cooled 100 degree boiled water, the wet leaves have unfurled to short leaves in a lighter brown colour. The size & shape are fairly consistent. The smell is strong of the cinnamon & vanilla, like a Christmas candle. Again theres not really any smell of black tea but I think it is there, giving the sweeter notes a base flavour.


Wet leaves

The liquor is a clear but dark coppery colour. It smells sweet but again not overpowering. It has a surprisingly nice mouth feel, full but not sticky from too much sweetness. The cinnamon adds a nice element to the flavour, reminding me of cinnamon swirls with a vanilla cream topping or fresh shortbread biscuits. I wouldn’t say that the black tea is noticeable in flavour which is a bit disappointing but because it’s loose leaves I think that is has helped to create a base to balance it.

For a moment, I think I’m a writer in New York, stopping for breakfast before taking a stroll through Central Park for inspiration then going onto the arty clubs to meet some friends tonight. Because it was the only time I went there, I imagine we’re just starting to get the first hints of winter, a chilly breeze as you step out the cafe, flushed faces after walking through the park & the added appreciation of that hot sweet tea to start the day.
I shall have to try this with an actual New York Breakfast of pancakes & bacon to see if they are a good pair but I don’t think I could drink this constantly. I love tea for the natural beauty in the flavours so don’t normally gravitate to flavoured teas. Its a little disappointing to see that this blend has natural AND artificial flavours, id be more impressed if it was just natural but for such a large company it is probably hard to keep the consistency in flavour. However as it was a gift & its such an iconic flavour to represent a city, I can’t help but smile at it. It takes me back to memories of the city that never sleeps, where the buildings are taller than the eye can see & lights are brighter than you can imagine. I will be drinking it lots more especially in the run up to Thanksgiving & Christmas where cinnamon & vanilla are such key flavours.

T2 Life Leaflet

The T2 Life leaflet I am so fascinated by as it has information about lots of different blends, descriptions & brewing techniques for each of them. Its quite a useful tool to have for someone who may only just be starting out using loose leaf tea or is keen to learn more but not sure where to go. I think the overall brand & concept of T2 is amazing, its making tea modern & attractive to audiences who probably see it as something only their grandparents would drink. Its even more amazing that the company comes from Australia, not a country that is well known for its tea drinking but has created something that I think will be iconic the the 21st century movement of tea drinking.


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