More Delicious MD Teas

So this has been a long over due post but I have finally managed to get my backside in gear to crack on with the MD Tea series. Its been a bit of of a tricky one as my previous post on Pink Pride was probably one of the causes of my leaving my last job. So honestly, its been a bit sore over the summer butI’m over it & wanted to share the other delicious teas I received from MD Teas!

The next one I will be trying today is called ‘The Devil is a Woman’, which is a green tea blend of Yunnan green tea, lemon peel & ginger. With it being a blend made by MD Tea, theres not a lot of history about the blend itself. But Yunnan Province (a south west province in China is often called the birthplace of tea with arguably one of the older tea plants in the world which is thought to be 3,200 years old. Yunnan has hot summers & mild winters with rich red soil with 40-80 inches of rain which makes it ideal for tea growing. Though the area is renowned for its Puer & black tea, its still produces amazing tea of all varieties.

The dry leaves are decent sized rolled in a moss green hue with quite a few dried ginger & lemon peel pieces. It has a lovely ginger smell but doesn’t overpower like something like ‘lemon & ginger’ with some hints of green tea. You can actually see bits of the lemon peel which is great to know that the flavour is coming from those bits & not from additives.

As instructed I boiled the water to 80 degrees & I have tried both with my new glad Ikea tea pot & , slightly controversially, with a ball infuser. This is because I’m not a massive fan of ginger flavoured teas so thought I’d do a small amount with a ball infuser in one cup which actually for the size of the leaves, wasn’t going to obstruct them from giving a quality brew.

The wet leaves have unfurled to show they are large sized cuts of leaves that have brightened in colour to a beautiful right emerald colour. The green tea smell has strengthened which balances out the ginger notes.

The liquor is a bright yellow like fresh hay & autumn morning sunlight. The smell has a base of mild green tea, not too grassy or astringent but just fresh leaves. The top notes are of the ginger with a fresh zing from the lemon. The flavour is clearly of ginger & lemon but its delicious with the addition from the depth of the green tea. Its not too sharp but is lovely & sweet yet refreshing at the same time. First time of trying I had just eaten my dinner & drinking this after has been a great palette cleanser but also quite soothing after a spicy meal as ginger is a natural stomach settler. Second time of trying I ate a lemon & poppy seed cake which went quite nicely with the tea (and the MD Earl Grey which I will do next!). The zest & sharpness from the cake was matched with the freshness of the tea & actually balanced the ginger to bring out the green tea flavours from the tea.

On the description of the packet it also says that the its a great pick me up as well as boosts the immune system & aid digestion. I don’t think this would be a regular go to drink for me but definitely one I will drink after a heavy meal & in need of something to pick me up. The more I drink this the more I like it. I think this would be great in the summer as an iced drink or even in a cocktail.  It would be a great transition for those who don’t like normal teas but are a bit more keen on herbals such as lemon & ginger though would like to try to delve into the vast range of green teas available. Well worth a try!


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