A Sunday Morning Sencha (O.P 3/7/16)

So during my time off recently, we were back in Dorset & I desperately needed to go to the Gilded Teapot again. Its probably a good thing that we don’t go in there too often, its all so good & there is such a range, it was hard to choose what to buy. However I walked in & said I’d get two & that was it. We smelt a lot of the samples they had & spoke to the sales assistant who gave me some recommendations. I went with a Milk Oolong ( review to come soon) & a Sencha Superior which I am currently drinking now. I do love my Japanese Uchiyama so its great to find another beautiful Japanese green tea.
This Sencha Superior comes from a small family run organic tea garden harvested in late April to create a first flush steamed Toku Jô which means extra superior. The description on the packet says ‘the leaves are fine & silky with full bodied sweet, grassy infusion with notes of wilted greens & fresh citrus’. Instructions say that 1 teaspoon per serving with 60 degree water to brew for one minute. I’m excited for to try it!


The dried leaves are a deep rich green with a bit of a shine on them. It does look a bit like cut grass in short tight rolls. The smell is wonderful rich & almost heavy. It has a hint of fruit almost like baked apricots. I know I do say it about most teas I try but I could happily just smell the the dry leaves all day.732b1bbb-4584-4127-947d-f3bff7a822bf-17514-00001182b4fa6565-2

The liquor is a really pale light greeny yellow colour. It has the steamed green tea notes, of the seaweed & grass but its almost sweet. As in the description there are hints of fresh citrus, its lovely & the fruity smells that you get in the dry leaves such as the apricot, I get in the taste of the liquor as well. There some slight aftertastes on the tongue tasting of hints of hazelnuts
The wet leaves have expanded slightly but still have kept their STRAIGHT shape whilst almost packing together whereas other teas I’ve had, come apart. The seaweed, grassy smell is a lot stronger but its nice & fresh not muggy. (Side note. since starting this blog post I’ve done a second infusion & the leaves unfurl a bit more in that which is the image I’ve put in here)




This definitely is going in my favourite green teas & is definitely supporting my love of Japanese greens. Its a lovely fresh & beautiful flavour without being too strong & the seaweed flavours leave a whole mouthfeel which is really nice & different. Its just a very beautiful tea. My cup has started to cool as I am writing this & actually its quite nice a little cooler (some teas I’ve had are not great just left cold). A brilliant Japanese Sencha to enjoy on a Sunday morning!

Now lets go & make another pot……..




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