A Sencha Seaweed Wakame Reminding Me of Summer! (O.P 5/4/16)

So to contrast my last post about ‘The Champagne of Tea’ , I thought I’d do a completely different tea – Sencha Seaweed Wakame from The Guilded Teapot.
I accidentally stumbled across this AMAZING shop when Josh & I were in Dorchester early last year but as soon as I walked in I was in heaven! It is my dream shop! Shelves of different teas with small jars that allowed you to smell the different blends before purchasing, different tea equipment & a basket of small samples for only a few pounds! I was so excited but again gave myself a limit of one big pack & a small sample bag so decided to go for a 50g pouch of Sencha Seaweed Wakame & a 5g silver needle.


I have already given a quick overview of Japanese green tea in a previous blog when I talked about my Japanese Uchiyama. At the moment Japanese green is my favourite type compared to Chinese. I just find the flavour sweeter & fresher but I have yet to taste many more blends so we’ll see as my tea journey progresses. This tea is a wonderful blend of ingredients – it is steamed green tea blended with lemongrass, green Mate (a South American drink made in a similar way to tea but with a different plant) & brown wake seaweed which is a Japanese seaweed that contains quite a number of benefits & nutrients so this whole drink has a serious reasons to drink it.


The dry leaves are lovely variety of different shades (proving there are different types of leaves used & not just additive flavours. The smell of it is interesting – I get a first small hit of aniseed but then it goes into the lemongrass, its wonderfully fresh & light.
I used 80 degree water & let the pot brew for 2 minutes as the instructions on the packet. The liquor is a very very pale yellow but still bright, it’s not muggy or dull.
The smell of the liquor is light & mild, definitely the freshness of the lemongrass. But the flavour isn’t overly citrus which I don’t really like in tea (not a massive fan of lemon & ginger), it has the lovely base flavour of the green tea. I want to say there is a slight almost hint of melon & butter on parts of the tongue. I personally can’t taste the seaweed massively but I think thats maybe because its not a taste or smell I can particularly identify in tea yet but also that is might be so subtle its blending in to the green tea. But I’d prefer it to be like this than tasting like the beach.
The wet leaves are bright & green with a mix size of leaves, which to me makes me think that it is a better quality of the producers as its not all machines cutting it into very fine dust. The citrus smell is very prominent but it really is a lovely fresh scent & not sickly sweet.



Being seriously honest, this isn’t my favourite blend ever but I know plenty of people who would like it. If you prefer those really light flavours with the more fruity side then this is a great drink.

I think this will be a really nice tea as the summer comes on, as it doesn’t need to be a super hot as it is quite refreshing & has a hint of sweetness so could be good for afternoon snack alternative. It actually isn’t too bad cold (drinking the last sips of it while I finish the blog) & I think could make a nice iced tea or even in a cocktail. Anyone want to try making some tea cocktails with me?!



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